Desoutter Industrial Tools History

데소터 산업용 공구의 역사

To become the world leader in assembly solutions it is today, the Desoutter brand has combined many skills and expertise. Founded in 1914, Desoutter limited is the specialist in pneumatic screwdrivers, drills and Auto feed drills. In France, Georges Renault was founded in 1918, specializing in electric power tools, fastening systems and material removal tools. Techmotive tools was then founded in 1977 in the USA, manufacturing intelligent DC tools and assembly systems. Next comes Scan Rotor, founded in 1977, who focuses on products for bolted joint applications. Seti-Tec Line, founded in 2005 is specializing in Advanced Drilling ADU solutions for the aerospace industry.

Desoutter Origins

There were five Desoutters, all brothers and all passionate aviators...

History of an innovative brand

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History of an innovative brand

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